Client Reviews

"I've been working with Robert for 2 years.  We met through the recovery community and connected through a mutual interest in understanding and unlocking the deeper, more pressing underlying issues that drive the human condition into destructive behavioral patterns.

Growing up in AA and thinking I had a firm grasp of what made me tick I was floored when Robert started slowly and methodically introducing  me to an entirely new world that I had previously not known. Via his skills in meditation, specifically breathwork and a sort of modern-movement form of traditional couch therapy I was able to get to a place of understanding that I may never have reached using traditional more “comfortable” methods of self exploration.

Robert had  an uncanny way of helping me get to my own place of discovery though intimate conversations, exercise routines, specific dietary suggestions and more so a sense of brotherly connection that I hadn’t felt for many years. He is also incredibly professional and can hold a conversation with the best and worst of them. If you’re stuck or are just looking for a new experience I highly recommend any one of his services. I am better man because of it."

-JK / Santa Barbara, CA


"When I met Robert, I was in the middle of several converging life events and completely outside myself. Robert invited me to work out with him and get back in my body, and those first workouts encouraged a recovery I knew I needed but had taken no steps to begin. I dropped weight, made a new body for myself, paid attention to my nutrition, and came out from under my rock. I have not looked back since."

-JC / Los Angeles, CA


"Working with Robert has been wonderful. The breathwork session he took me through released deep, sometimes unknowable emotional blockages that are difficult to release in any other way. The result is a lighter, happier existence and a way to attain harder to reach life goals. I felt very safe with him leading me through the process and was able to let go of some things that had been difficult to let go of."

-MT / Santa Barbara, CA