Coaching Areas

Life Coaching

You are ready. You have a sense you aren’t living the life you could be...or that you're not quite the person in the world that you know yourself to be.

If you're like most people, you don't have anyone in your life who is solely dedicated to seeing and hearing and evoking your best self and your ideal life.  The human animal isn't built to work in isolation.  We do our best work in teams.

That’s precisely what I'm here for.  I will be there for you no matter what, reminding you of who you really are unrelentingly so you can live it.  I will help you define what your own ideal life actually looks like and support you as you leave behind whatever's no longer authentic for you. 

You define your own master life vision.  We turn that vision into a plan.  And you take concrete action week after week, weathering both victories and setbacks along the way...until one day your vision has become your daily life.  And you've become the real you.

Breathwork/Meditation Coaching

Breathwork creates a sense of deep peace and penetrating clarity that brings us back "home" to who we really are.  It is often described by those who learn it as "unexpectedly life-changing".

No matter what adversity you're facing - from overwhelming stress to a difficult life transition - this practice will give you an anchor and a source of strength that you cannot lose and that is always available to you no matter where you are.  It is a disarmingly simple process that will produce transformative results in your life.

I have practiced Breathwork and meditation for multiple decades, and I've studied many different approaches to both over those years.  There are very few authentic teachers worldwide who offer formal breathwork certification, and I received mine from Jon Paul Crimi in Los Angeles, completing his Breathwork Teachers Certification program in early 2018.

Optimal Health Coaching

Health is the foundation of your entire quality of life.  It literally affects your experience of every moment of every single day.  

Yet we are utterly overwhelmed by an endless blitz of new diets and exercise styles and conflicting science. I've spent decades learning what works so that you don’t have to.  As simple proof, I'm currently in the strongest and best health of my entire life.

Together we will focus on the 4 cornerstones of true health: Diet.  Exercise.  Sleep.  Hormones/Biochemistry.

Diet: Together we will design a diet that truly fuels you (and that you can enjoy). You will also develop a new sense of how what you eat directly affects your health/energy level/psychology.

Exercise: While we all know that exercise is good for you, the hard truth is that you'll never stick with it unless you learn to love it.  That journey starts with you exploring and finding out what your optimal workout looks like.

Sleep: Sleep is the single most overlooked aspect of health.  There's a reason we will literally die before long without sleep.  By optimizing your sleep and learning other ways to reset your nervous system, you will start feeling better than you ever have before.

Hormones/Biochemistry: Our hormones and biochemistry are almost singlehandedly responsible for our day-to-day emotional state (although psychology also plays a significant role).  Together we will talk about your options for getting your bloodwork done and tuning your biochemistry for optimum vitality and longevity.

Recovery Coaching

I've personally dealt head-on with my own addiction to drugs and alcohol.  And although the battle is never permanently won, I've now been in successful uninterrupted recovery for over 20 years straight.

So if you’re holding it together and staying clean, but it’s still a daily struggle...I can help.

If you're staying sober, but you're eating like crap and not exercising, and you want to get healthy...I can help.

I will help you remain steady in your sobriety while you build the life you envision for yourself, brick by brick.

Because as soon as most of us hit a certain milestone in our sobriety, we somehow find a way to crash right back into the darkness.

We start feeling like we're in control again.  Feeling good about ourselves (at least a little).  And then life smashes us with some totally unexpected problem or difficulty...and we suddenly find ourselves using again before we even really know what's happening.

This is precisely why hiring a Recovery Coach can literally make a life-or-death difference for you.

Because instead of trying to stay clean and build your best possible life all by yourself, you'll have me in your corner.  And I will guide and support you every single step of the way, having spent over 20 years successfully navigating every twist and turn of the seemingly-impossible road you’re on right now.